GPU AMD Radeon Instinct MI50 Accelerator

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  • Mã sản phẩm TM6851
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Thông tin sản phẩm GPU AMD Radeon Instinct MI50 Accelerator

The Radeon Instinct™ MI50 compute card is designed to deliver high levels of performance for Deep LearningHigh Performance Computing (HPC), cloud computing, and rendering systems. This new accelerator is designed with optimized Deep Learning operations, exceptional double precision performance, and hyper-fast HBM2 memory delivering 1 TB/s memory bandwidth speeds.

Scale your datacenter Server designs with AMD’s Infinity Fabric™ Link technology that can be used to directly connect up to 2 GPU clusters of 4 GPUs in a single Server at up to 6x the speed of PCIe® 3.01.

Quickly achieve reliable and accurate results in large-scale system deployments with the new Radeon Instinct™ MI60 and MI50 which are equipped with full-chip ECC2 and RAS capabilities3.

Combine this finely balanced and ultra-scalable solution with our ROCm open ecosystem that includes Radeon Instinct optimized MIOpen libraries supporting frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe 2, and you have a solution ready for the next era of compute and machine intelligence.



Compute Units                             60

Stream Processors                      3,840

Peak INT8                                     Up to 53.6 TOPS

Peak FP16                                    Up to 26.8 TFLOPS

Peak FP32                                    Up to 13.4 TFLOPS

Peak FP64                                    Up to 6.7 TFLOPS

Bus Interface                               PCIe®Gen 3 and Gen 4 Capable2


Memory Size                                16GB HBM2

Memory  Interface                      4,096-Bits

Memory Clock                             1 GHz

Memory Bandwidth                   Up to 1 TB/s


ECC (Full-chip)                            Yes

RAS Support                               Yes


Infinity Fabric™ Links                2

MxGPU technology                   Yes

OS Support                                Linux® 64-bit

ROCm Compatible                    Yes


Board Form Factor                    Full-Height, Dual Slot

Length                                        10.5″

Thermal Long                            Passively Cooled

Max Power                                 300W TDP

Warranty                                    Three Year Limited⁶

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